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Premium CBD Seeds

We are Italian breeders,
specialized in selected CBD hemp seeds.


Sativa Creations is an Italian CBD Seeds Bank where breeders and growers around the world can discover and grow some of the best CBD genetics on the market. Our mission is to help the Industrial and Light Hemp market to grow competence, improving the quality of the products in order to offer to hemp enthusiasts always the best.

Why Choose Our CBD Seeds?

Choose Sativa Creations hemp products for the unparalleled genetic diversity and adaptability to every climate, strong taproot system for enhanced resilience, high vigor and productivity, low THC and high CBD levels for compliance and value, and maximum expression of terpenes for added therapeutic and aromatic benefits.

Adaptation to every climate

The breeding project ensured ad hemp varieties that is adapt to every climate conditions, making them well-suited for cultivation from dry to well watered terrains and other regions with similar climates.

Strong taproot

The project also focuses on developing hemp varieties with strong taproot systems, which can help the plants access deeper soil moisture and nutrients, leading to better growth and yield.

High vigor and productivity

We also aimed to improve the vigor and productivity of the hemp varieties, allowing for better yields and more efficient use of resources. Strong lignified structures have been also selected for maximize the self-sustain capability of the plants.

Low THC and high CBD

The project is strongly focused on developing hemp varieties with low levels of THC, in compliance with international laws and regulations, and high levels of CBD and other minor cannabinoids, which are in high demand for medicinal and industrial uses.

Maximized terpene expression

We alway choose to maximize the expression of terpenes in our hemp varieties, which can provide additional benefits such as improved flavor and aroma, as well as potential therapeutic properties.