Shiva Prasad

Shiva Prasad is a cross between Shiva Remedy (Ceiba x Remedy Kush) and Orange Buddha. This is an attempt to take kush and spicy flavour from USA variety pool and add this treat to the stable Bx5 Orange Buddha lineage. Once i made the F1 generation that was pretty stable I selected the best phenotype with fast flowering and back crossed once in order to stabilize the treats i liked more.

The Shiva Prasad is a medium size plant , with short internodes and big frosty colas. Flowers are big in size , mostly green with some red phenotype (temperature related) and the flavour is characterized by primary descriptors as kush , hearty and spicy with sour and diesel undertones.

This variety is part of the RD line where you could find consistent varieties that are suited for craft flowers producer and for breeders and strain hunters. I do not suggest the RD line for large scale farmers that looks for high levels of stability and uniformity but for craft producer than needs unique varieties to be phenotype hunted .