Double Orange


This is the 5th generation of back-crossing and selection on Orange Buddha variety. The outcome is a populations with increased stability and uniformity. The vigor of this population is increased trough application of assisted breeding techniques (etherotic advantage inside an inbreed population). Low THC and high CBD production make this the very best from the Orange Buddha’s family.
It is a vigorous plant that could reach high production levels in the right environmental conditions. The Flavour and terpene expression are characterized by orange and citrus primary descriptors. Flowers are green with pink pistils that turn to light orange after drying.

Estimated Yield*
Pot 150-250g/plant**
Field 500-800g/plant

Flowering Time
8/9 weeks, harvest at end of September / first week of October.

*Yield is indicative and is related to optimal growing conditions.
**The average is calculated on pots with Ø 35cm

The cannabinoid content may vary due to external factors such as environmental conditions (ex: excess heat, water stress, etc.) or parasite attacks (ex. Lepidoptera, Arthropods, etc.).

30,00 850,00