Tropical Purple

Tropical Purple is a cross of Peach Buddha S3 with a selected phenotype of Pink Panther from High Alpine. This new population was selected and back crossed multiple times in order to stabilize the desired treats. The result is a strong and productive population that shows two phenotypes: a green flower ( 40%) with mango flavour, a purple flower ( 60%) with dry exotic fruit flavour.

Estimated Yield*
Pot 150-250g/plant**
Field 500-800g/plant

Flowering Time
8/9 weeks, harvest at end of September / first week of October.

*Yield is indicative and is related to optimal growing conditions.
**The average is calculated on pots with Ø 35cm

The cannabinoid content may vary due to external factors such as environmental conditions (ex: excess heat, water stress, etc.) or parasite attacks (ex. Lepidoptera, Arthropods, etc.).








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